Estate Maintenance

BedroomEstate Maintenance might be just assembling a ping pong table. On the other hand, it usually means a routine inspection of the home and grounds and performing any maintenance necessary. If it needs doing, we’ll take care of it. We happily work with the homeowner or current property manager to find the specific needs of the home and grounds and then create customized service plans. Whether we do this as a one-time service or an ongoing maintenance package, the process is the same. We inspect every aspect of your house and grounds to identify any current problems or issues. We show you what it will cost to fix it now versus later. Because we have fully licensed general contractors in-house, we can go about making the repairs ourselves. If specialized craftsmen or repairmen are needed they will be under the direct supervision of Riviera Construction to ensure your convenience and piece of mind. Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure the integrity of your home. Imagine never having to worry about a leaking roof, broken window, or faulty appliance. With Riviera Construction these every day property issues will be taken care of for you. We provide the professional knowledge and experience you need to maximize your home’s appearance, efficiency, function, and most importantly value. Regardless of the scope of our relationship with you, the most important part is in the details. That is what keeps an estate of any size or age functioning like it's brand new.

Custom Building and Remodeling

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